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  1. I kindly ask to bring the Banana bomb back For a modifier (Extra XP) level 1 rare gain 20xp level 2 50xp level 3 100Xp Or (Shadow) Has a 15% Chance of going through the person and to the person behind (Blinding) has a chance to blind the enemy level 1 has a 5.5% level 2 10% level 3 15.5%
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  2. I normally don't like rain but I can make an exeption, you're ok. Also remember that I beat your ass in Valheim, soon I'll catch @ CoiNz too
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  3. i had a 44k flip up just then when the servers crashed and once it came back online my 44k was gone plz send help
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  4. -1 constantly RDMs, minges all the time. Abuses rules but complains when others do so. Basically like our current staff team.
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