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    -1. way too childish to be staff, doesnt take anything seriously.
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117871079 Age: 17 Total Hours Played on Flux: 300ish Recommendation(s) from Staff: Hakkem, Genghis(Ex-staff) About rat: Ah man, well im a student so i spend a large amount of time doing work but while im doing it or when im not ill be playing game (mostly flux). i'm fairly tech oriented, ive built a few computers and i have a good general knowledge about computers and electronics so if someone is having computer problems im usually happy to help troubleshoot. i like to make things using electronics etc, i have a 3d printer and whenever i set it to make something i will play flux or some other game, man where that shit at. ive been apart of this community for an absurd amount of time i first found flux in like ~2014-2017 i have no idea when i started first but its been a very long time. ive played on flux alot as well im at around (greater or lesser idk) 400hrs just on flux alone and a total of 800hrs on gmod.I also have a little bit of coding experience noticably lua, c+ and html. i also very rarely break rules, ah shit man. i do have some mental disorders if required i can state them but i would rather not. Reason for Application: Im applying because the server can seem a bit lacking in a sense of justice most of the time, i seem to get on to flux a lot with no staff online and just instantly be rdmed. i belieber that i can help make that change to add a sense of justice to the server where it lacks it so. Man i also honestly hate lying. also i want the ability to post in the discord without needing god damn links Previous Experience (if applicable): No, unfortunately i do not. Comments:man
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    -1 - As Aeyon mentioned, doesn't take stuff serious, constant mic spam, and break rules with no moderators on - sort of like if i was to apply...
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