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    Hello, the name is The Little Mermaid as you can tell, put probably too much time into GMOD years back and now I feel like playing again. Im a 21 year old stonemason who enjoys play games, for example Total War: Warhammer II, Gmod (Obvs). League of Legends (Casually) and more. I donated because I really like the server, not that it matter, hope to get to know most of you. - Cheers
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    I'm not going to +1 or -1 but i will say skibidibabodada
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    i'm not going to +1 or -1 but i will say people can change.
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    The dudes name was Black Supremacist?!? What am i suppose to say Supremacist, would I have called the dude and said "kos the black dude" if his name didnt have black in it? no. You said I made myself look good when I didn't really care he's just annoying rdming us every round and possibly meta gaming with George. Alright I admit i'm being toxic and a little bit racist in a way but have you seen what the other dudes have put in chat and how annoying it is when he just says the same thing over and over. It just feels like your going on 1 side because If ducky hadn't come on last night and I took all those screenshots and saved it you would see that the majority was them being racist and even carrying on while I was the one who started to get into the drama last and was the first one to stop talking about it and tried getting them to stop ( you can check that if your able to check chat logs from days admins ). The dude is blatantly rdming and what are we suppose to do I had called ducky and was just being patient you can see he's rdming every round. I'm not mad or anything just feels like your going with one side and being fully biased towards me. How much you wanna bet when they see the video its going to be 90% of them arguing and going on with racial slurs while I had only taken in some less than 20 words and was just kosing person. You can barely see but this is what i was talking to ducky about where he's constantly being racist saying the n word, you can barely see when he said the n word right above where i said "he aint blakc" or right below "your the whitest". For you to be spending all this time cropping the photo and could have just not cropped the entire thing when he said the n word seems hella biased and to me feels like ur just targeting me to report. Wouldn't have taken you longer than 30 seconds to add what he said above and a few more u cropped out and just explain in 1 sentence that he did it too.
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    fair enough I was there so if there's any blanks I can fill in just ask.
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    I do understand, Polo said more but I personally felt popcorn's statements we're worse. It was a more back and forth between all 4 players, but the other 2 you mentioned are already in the eyes of moderators, so I felt this was not needed to be mentioned. The whole night was essentially the 4 players bitching about who was "blacker" and how eachother was not "black" - there was a mixture of RDM, and False KOS by all 4 members, so to just blame it on the 2 mentioned by Popcorn is pretty average. I do have recording, but this also stands over about 1 hour of gameplay, if not more. As much as the other two were there for trolling aspects, the bite back wasn't needed. - And as mentioned above the other two are in watch from other moderators.
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    Incident occurred on TTT, at 06/09/20 22:00 GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_1:1:56311665 Reported Player: PopCornDE Supps.gg Flux (STEAM_0:0:191776677) Description of incident: Just constant racism in text chat, pretty unnecessary stuff. As well as constantly KOS'ing people based off "colour" and at the start of round with no evidence to KOS. As much as I would typically let this past, PopCorn has complained about others doing this, and reported others for this kind of stuff as well as gotten staff involved previously, sucked up to them to make him look like the good guy - It's probably time other staff saw what his really like when no staff are online. Also included is Polo. Evidence:
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96542422 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 424 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Haywiree: Heyo, if you're reading this you probobly know who i am, but if you do not, i'm Haywire. I'm 18 years of age turning 19 in a few weeks and gaming just so happens to be a major passion of mine. I have been playing Gmod for a good 7 years now clocking in over 1700 hours, and majority of those hours have happened to be spent on various TTT servers over the years. If i was asked to describe myself, I'd say im an outgoing funny guy with a memey personality that tries tog et along with evryone and make new frineds, whether that online or in person. When it comes to work, i work your typical casual retail job for now which means the shifts are scarce, especially with the Coronavirus out and abouts, so im mostly at home playing games and occasionaly going out with mates. Reason for Application: Applying for staff has been a thought of mine for ages whilst playing on Flux, and everytime i thought of it came from wanting to just help out the server and mainly have more purpose when waking up and wanting to hop on some TTT. Another reason, as cliche as it can be, is that there are some instances where staff is not available to join the server at a given time, so it'd be a blessing to be able to handle certain issues that may arise while playing myself, and i have a fair amount of understanding of the rules, whether thats via breaking them over the years and learning from my mistakes or just asking other staff members what applys where. Previous Experience (if applicable): I currently have no experince of being staff on a Gmod srever. Comments: Nothing comes to mind but if you have any questions feel free to add my discord Haywire#0639 and ask away
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    I will try and cut it up to upload onto Youtube to contain all details. Understood where it was 100% being dished out, but the fact he had to physically type out the responses doesn't show defence. If it was voice chat - fair enough as its much easier to press that PTT button, then physically type out these messages, and respond - as mentioned above this happened for 1-2 hours while I was online, who knows how it followed. I simply ignore chat messages on text now, as there is a few toxic players that are there just to set others off (This will be posted soon when I have all my evidence in place.) As mentioned, they we're definitely dishing it, but there's no need to respond how they both did.
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