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    Because my last one was removed due to a "Rollback" I'll summarise. You are a walking contradiction, you have said various things that contradict each other. Such things include: The other thing is you have clearly struggled to comphrend something as simple as "Recommendation(s) from staff" Menace was kind enough to fix the mistake of putting down Muffin Man as a staff recommendation for you. The other thing too, is I don't believe you attempted to ask any staff for a recommendation which if you ask most people on the server they'll say something like "I suggest you ask a staff for a recommendation" While it is not required it is helpful to you. I am also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you, you call staff for every single RDM that occurs against you, but doesn't appear to be against others. While Yes, It is helpful you let us know when there is RDM you have also been informed you can make reports on the forums and to gather evidence. In which in one report you made, you didn't gather evidence to it but you have made complaints about the user in the discord in the past. Please note, I do not have any issue with you. These are my observations. For now I am not happy with you getting staff
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    Denied Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in your application, We don't believe you are a suitable fit for staff at this current time. thank you for applying.
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    You: *Banned on Discord and Permanently Banned on the Server and active on the forums* Why are you bragging about your negative reputation and embarrassing yourself? Do you understand "pog" is a term used to emphasize shock/excitement (as far as I'm aware)? @BlipBlopCongratulations. It's a joke to you. Well, you've invoked discreditable behavior that's transformed you into the joke. Regards, I hope you age well... Edit: Was unaware he was unbanned from the server, but I retain my stance. Disgusting behavior.
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    Nothing of what you just said really helps your case here. You originally chose to try and find her email by using common domain names, which in itself is a form of harassment and doxxing. You willingly sent her an email knowing rightfully so it was the wrong thing to do especially since you've some choice words within the email (again, harassment). You decided to cause a fuss over a simple discord server ban. You have showed absolutely zero remorse or any sense of apology is found within your recent posts and as such your appeal has been denied. You should really consider your actions and their outcomes.
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    Despite BlipBl0p being the way he is, you guys shouldn't be spamming him with false -reputation ratings... that just brings you down to his level. Thought you guys were better than this.
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    Yeah thats kind of the joke.
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