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rule consistency :)

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i’m currently serving a 2 week ban for calling another player a whore. i didn’t contest this because i did it, even though i thought it was a steep punishment for a one time thing. 

however, in the past two weeks i have had similar insults thrown at me multiple times by multiple people (including a staff member) with none of it resulting in a ban. mind you all these screenshots are in the span of less than a week lol 

i am curious to know the reasoning behind this because i find it unfair and tiring how much shit i have to put up with but no one does anything about it 0F752841-FA6D-44B2-91BD-D5014035782D.thumb.jpeg.6b824bdbb0d24d0566be05d9a4508872.jpeg41605A0D-3932-4177-B408-EF3F7402C0E6.thumb.jpeg.9c0768bfe78045feffb1b7dc23a7b743.jpeg4DC4C504-F12F-450A-BB09-EE8452B31E86.thumb.jpeg.0437f1bc45a23cafd77ab82a46725f84.jpegD323BB3D-4D2A-4EEA-8FA0-8E4B76BF8049.thumb.jpeg.711a529d57f36bc0c2ec809c2f08ad1b.jpeg182B7195-D9E3-4C0D-B3FE-97C3E7E38E80.thumb.jpeg.64c9cdb10728b4ac756be59626a98021.jpeg3C434B94-5234-4A0E-AF30-4DBFC2242220.thumb.jpeg.65acdf3f6cd45c3b2bfbd32cbb844c32.jpeg9B851828-9D8E-47FF-AB8E-D26120CE5324.thumb.jpeg.c7c06b85218977bccb63036e864489b5.jpeg75AE253F-1922-4EFC-8F00-9F5D942E4C15.thumb.jpeg.ff1e2755ba1adc94e8f010a1b83294fb.jpegA0867BEF-0047-45B1-90D1-EBE1E6325117.thumb.jpeg.7609b074786ef41765dfbd58597c5575.jpeg95AD78B2-6FBD-48F0-96BA-F942737DE361.thumb.jpeg.cd1750eaab9e7420169a31bfce91cd0d.jpeg



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To add to this, not a single mod even acknowledged any of this, but when hidden said the “n word” he was immediately chat banned for a day. It’s just crazy how the rules are different depending on the person. I think even in one of the screenshots you can clearly see whowho asking the mods to chat ban ninya, but there was no ban (according to the punishment channel). Even today when riceman called Whowho a whore and a slut, 2 staff members, including Wookie, ignored those comments despite Whowho saying “don’t call me a whore wtf”. 

anyways I also think there should be more consistency and more training for staff… maybe handing out trial mod/mod to anyone who plays the game isn’t the best idea 🤷‍♂️ 

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I'll clear this up for you, you weren't banned for just calling someone a whore, you were banned for targeted harassment towards individuals, as well as continual use of racial slurs whilst completely disregarding warnings from staff requesting you to cease.

You have also already been banned for the latter of these at an earlier date, and have had an abundance of warnings since whilst being given much more leeway than many, considering your regular status within the community. Had you have listened to staff and stopped pushing the boundaries of our community rules, then perhaps you wouldn't have been banned for as long, or maybe you could have avoided the ban entirely.

Ninya was also chat banned for 24 hours as a result of his behaviour, as is standard practice. In future, any chat bans will be extended. Riceman was an outlier on this fact, and was not dealt with in an accordingly, in future cases that'll be rectified.

Hope this clears up the confusion 🙂

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